Florian Schmidt

  • Awesome engineering resourcesJuly 04, 2022This is my personal collection of awesome engineering resources, such as videos and blog posts, for whatever I deem interesting or useful!Read More
  • Option 26November 05, 2020Option 26 e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein. Die Gründer:innen von Option 26 e.V. haben über den Aufbau der Plattform QuarantäneHeld*innen zu Beginn der Corona-Pandemie zusammengefunden und möchten weiterhin, auch in anderer Form, einen Beitrag zum gesamtgesellschaftlichen Miteinander leisten. Option 26 e.V. soll als Plattform wirken, auf der verschiedenste soziale Ideen und Projekte durch seine…Read More
  • QuarantäneHeld*innenMay 30, 2020QuarantäneHeld*innen ist eine Plattform, auf der Menschen in Quarantäne Unterstützung aus ihrer Nachbarschaft finden. Wer Hilfe braucht, kann ein Inserat online stellen, welches dann von Helfern oder Helferinnen aus der Nachbarschaft beantwortet wird.Read More
  • Apache Flink ContributionsFebruary 14, 2020At Ververica I was part of the team that develops the internals of the Apache Flink stream processing engine. My job included working with open-source collaborators and being part of a community-driven design and development process. Among my accomplishments is the implementation of an API for time-relative joins of two streams of data. For my master thesis at Ververica I designed, implemented and…Read More
  • PatternLayout.comFebruary 11, 2020Your interactive guide to Log4j PatternLayouts. Go check it out at PatternLayout.comRead More
  • invaderJSFebruary 06, 2020A tiny spaceinvader-inspired game where you can destroy your DOM by firing bullets at elements. Find the code and more information on GitHub or try the demo here. Technologies: TypeScript, CSS, WebpackRead More
  • JungleFebruary 03, 2020This ghost theme powers this blog. It can be found on github https://github.com/florianschmidt1994/ghost-theme-jungle. Feel free to use it on your websiteRead More
  • BreakOutFebruary 03, 2020BreakOut is a non-profit from Munich, where money is raised by travelling as far as possible in 36 hours without spending any money. Together with my team we developed an app, website and backend and helped raise over 300000 € in donations so far. Starting as a backend developer I helped build the infrastructure as a greenfield project. A year later my role changed and I became teamleader of our…Read More